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Mexican Street Decoration
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Our Mission

Alianzas strives for equity and the dignity of diverse communities regardless of their country of origin by providing services to the under-resourced and by promoting intercultural exchanges to connect all individuals in the broader community.

                                                                   OUR PRIORITIES


WELCOMING individuals and families who seek refuge in our community by celebrating their arrival, validating their spirit of survival, and acknowledging every person in a way that is sensitive to that person's culture and beliefs.


ADDRESSING the 4 stages of immigration trauma (Forced to leave, Perilous Journey, Border Processing, Threat of Deportation) with clinical therapy and community healing


ADVOCATING for equity and justice toward those with vulnerable status by mediating issues such as discrimination, inhumane housing conditions and wage theft


EQUIPPING with tools that help rebuild lives, connecting with resources and programs that affords everyone the dignities of life. 


NARRATIVELY changing the one dimensional, misrepresentation of folks experiencing forced migration that Influences how people live, work, and relate to one another in our community.

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Connect With Us!

148 Church Street, Phoenixville PA 19460


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