Somos Alianzas de Phoenixville

We Provide Services to Our Local Community
We Promote Intercultural Experiences


Programs & Services


English Learners Program:

A team of volunteer certified teachers and tutors help provide an 8 week, cycle curriculum based program designed to teach conversational English with a focus on teaching students how to manage daily interactions such as parent/teacher conferences, doctor visits and employer/employee communication.  We serve an average of 30-35 students per session.

Clinical Trauma Counseling Program (CTC):

With a mental health specialist in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavior, Alianzas serves immigrant women, children and men suffering from depression and anxiety typically due to the traumas of before, during and after forced migration such as PTSD, acculturation stress, immigration issues and discrimination.

Emergency Food, Rental, & Utilities Program:

Our pantry program eliminates any
documentation, proof of address or identification for newly arrived folks or any food insecure persons with these challenges, language and cultural barriers and distributes culturally appropriate foods.

Alianzas Leadership Academy & Social (ALAS): 

A 10 week program focused on providing encouragement, training & opportunities for the overlooked & untapped talent within communities like those we serve.


Mediations between a variety of agencies and institutions to facilitiate effective, dignified communication and services.  Alianzas also advocates to minimize unfair treatment in the workplace & housing.

Alianzas Youth Wellness Check Program: 

Due to the Pandemic, Online youth programs were created to encourage children to voice their fears, concerns & confusion caused by the sudden isolation quarantining has caused. Mindfulness exercises, dietary health & exercise are the topics offered to address these issues.


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